Our fees

We are clear from the outset, no surprises. All fees payable in GBP.

Dot Com Europe UK | Mainland Europe | Worldwide.

Our initial consultation meeting time is always free. We ask for all travel expenses to be covered; Traveling by motor vehicle @ 45p per mile, parking and/or the cost of all the public transportations from CH1 3NS. Sustenance to be provided at the meeting venue during the times of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our Research and Development (R&D) funding team (UK)

They identify project cost that can be claimed against R&D. The R&D team recover their costs by charging a percentage of the recovered R&D funds. Based on a 5-year contract: They can go back 1 year (year zero). The charge for year zero and year 1 is 25% of the identified costs. For years 2, 3, 4 and 5 it is 20% of the identified costs. VAT is not included.

Your Accountant

Part of the R&D application requires an Accountant to tick 4 boxes on the HMRC CT600 form, typically a cost of no more that £50.

Dot Com Europe
Following our initial free consultation, we shall provide you with an overview of costings to develop and implement the project.

From this point forward fees are chargeable by Dot Com Europe to you.

Subject to agreement as to the course of action, a contract between parties will be negotiated. The contract will contain the scope, time-frame and cost of the project

Otherwise our Independent Consultant (IC) fees are:

Per hour £75 | Half a day £250 | Full day £450
VAT is not included.

The IC fees charged include detailed scope of the works carried out and if applicable, reporting on results, activity and outcomes.