What we do


For your company

We create a NEW Affiliate Partner sales channel for an existing or new product or service. Working in collaboration with your organisation we develop a unique marketing strategy for this channel built on your company’s brand frame of reference, a marketing plan that will engage, reward and incentivises the Affiliate Partners and those they introduce.

Finance the project with research and development (R&D) funding (UK)

Finance is available to capitalise the project using high street banking institutions or trusted 3rd party Finance Brokers. Research carried out and the pioneering design of the projects technology can benefit from R&D funding. It's feasible a claim can be made for a previous years R&D in addition to current and ongoing years.

Do you have an existing Affiliate Partner sales channel that’s underperforming?

Transformation by fast bold action is often required. We are experts in identifying why poor results exist in an Affiliate Partner sales channel. Using our unique experience, we can implement cost effective solutions that deliver expected cash flow performance.

Perhaps you have an organically grown Affiliate Partner channel!

Relationship marketing to aquire business sales is nothing new, we often find companies who have grown these channels organically and discover the channel is a significant part of the business turnover. Our skill in delivering a strategy within existing processes and engaging with those who are sometimes resistant to change will move these sales to a higher level.

Why do we do it?

Our Mission and Goals

  • To help hundreds of companies introduce thousands of Affiliate Partners who introduce hundreds of thousands customers to their products and services.
  • To recognise each and every Affiliate Partners who goes to work by rewarding them with a better life for themselves and their families.
  • To champion the business of relationship referral marketing for your business.